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About RTS

REAL Training and Systems, Inc. is a training and systems company owned by Anthony Lamacchia that was started in 2015.  Lamacchia Realty offers this comprehensive training program called REAL Trainingto Lamacchia agents and other national brokerages, teams, and agents.  REAL stands for Real Estate Education Advancement for Life. The program addresses real-world situations and prepares Realtors to not only better service home buyers and sellers but to significantly grow their businesses.

We launched the weekly REAL Training program for Lamacchia agents back in 2012 because we felt strongly that agents should have access to ground level training conducted by professionals who have closed hundreds and in many cases thousands of sales. Since the real estate market is always changing, the training courses are consistently updated with tactics and strategies that are applicable to agents’ businesses today! It is not hypothetical–it is concrete and practical.

When we designed the program, we spoke with many agents; inside and outside of our company as well as locally and nationally. Many expressed dissatisfactions with training at other companies that are hosted by people who are not industry leaders and are not active in the business.  Agents want REAL Training on tools and techniques they can use every day which are applicable to their business’ growing success and that is what we focus on.

The REAL Training Program is unlike any program offered by any other real estate companies or coaching programs around the country.  By having agents attend the sessions on a regular basis, they stay motivated and informed and their skills stay sharp. It also ensures that the agents stay current on the latest developments in real estate policies, news, and market trends.


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